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KaiZenHR Enterprise Human Resource Management Software & Payroll

The ENTERPRISE is our TOP End solution catering towards organizations who demands ultimate efficiency in HR Management. The product is functionality rich, technologically superior, and most important, reliability in performance. From Administrative to Strategic Management functions, we are confident that our extensive range of Modules will cater for your needs today and path for your future growth.


KaiZenHR Enterprise Module

Base System Administration & Security Management

KaiZenHR Enterprise Base System Administration & Security Module comprises of two key components.

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Payroll Management

Payroll is probably one of the most important functional modules in Human Capital Management System.

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Personnel Management

Personnel information is the core of HCMS. It is the only module that integrates with all other modules.

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Recruitment Management

Attracting the right candidates for a particular vacant position is a difficult task

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Manpower Budgeting

KaiZenHR Enterprise Manpower Budgeting allows budgeting of headcount and automatically tracks the utilization

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Industrial Relations Management

Labour issues constantly arise in the company either due to some form violation or grievances.

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Bus Route Management

part of the Time & Attendance Management module, allows tracking of employee utilization of company transportation provided

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Time & Attendance Management

Full functionality for management of time information in your organisation, including time collection, evaluation of time and capturing of absenteeism data.

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Leave Management

Managing employee leave is becoming one of the telling differences between enterprises to cut cost and increase productivity

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Leave Passage Management

Abilities to manage the leave passage benefits given to the employee.

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Claim Management

These benefits tend to proliferate in a unionized environment and often come with complex terms and conditions.

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Loan Management

Able to compute loan interest and create repayment schedule & provide the necessary information to payroll to facilitate monthly deductions

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Loan Interest Subsidy Management

Provides the avenue to compute interest of loan and create the full loan repayment schedule to determine the subsidy to be paid to the staff.

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Fringe Benefit Withholding

provides the abilities to manage fringes which may be administered by the company pending submission to statutory or external funds.

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Group Hospitalization and Group Insurance

Allows HR to define the various hospitalization and medical scheme and enable employees to elect for the coverage and to keep the necessary dependent information up to date

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Employee Share Option Scheme

Specifically developed to be used by Public Listed companies in managing of their Share Option allocations to employees

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Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Provides the abilities to manage the staff purchases of stocks from either the local or oversea bourses.

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Training Administration

Administration of all Courses undertaken by Employees. Information captured including Course Type, Course Name, Duration, Institution, Instructor, Venue, Number of Days, Course Fee, etc

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Job Competency

Enables the company to define the enterprise’s jobs in terms of key competencies

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Training Needs Analysis

Ability to define the Compulsory Courses for a person
Identifying the courses which is suitable for the employee based on the GAP analysis

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Performance Review

ability to promote performance goals and measures that grow out of the enterprise

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