Base System Administration & Security Management

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Base System Administration & Security Management Human Resource Management SystemKaiZenHR Enterprise Base System Administration & Security Module comprises of two key components. The first component provides a centralized source of coding management across all modules, whilst the second component, supports the full administration of security management. Security plays a pivotal role in any application, especially so for Human Capital due to the confidential and sensitive nature of employee data. However, every client will require flexibility in determining each user’s security profile to limit access to certain information. This is achieved effortlessly in KaiZenHR Enterprise HCMS by setting authentication procedures and assigning access rights to application objects such as screens and reports for every employee or groups of employees.

Some key features of the module includes:-

  • Supports user definable set of codes to be used across all modules e.g. Companies, Division, Department, Section, Unit, Position, Grade, Employment Type, GL Linkage Code, Common and Special Holiday Groups, Nationality, Race, Religion and etc.
  • Supports multi company environments where tracking and management of employee transfers / movement across subsidiaries / departments is easily achieved.
  • Provides up to 7 levels or organization hierarchical structure in reporting and analysis for decision making purposes.
  • Supports comprehensive employee, spouse, family and reference numbers information.
  • Provides a powerful employee search engine which permits the retrieval of employee information based on single / multiple filtering conditions utilizing all fields available in the table – employee no, employee name, designation, job grade, date join, date confirmed, salary range, department and etc.
  • Supports user development of additional fields for storing of user definable employee information without requiring further customization.
  • Configuration of user authentication procedure.
  • Provides mapping of Object Access Rights for all authorized users.
  • Provides an audit trail of every transaction with date and time stamping.
  • Protects your data from being accessed at both application and database levels, where users are not able to use any third party tool to open / access the Database directly. This is one of KaiZenHR Enterprise’s key differentiators which ensures the security of your data at the highest level.

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