Employee Share Option Scheme

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The KaiZenHR Enterprise Employee Share Option Scheme system (Malaysia ESOS system) forms an additional component, specifically developed to be used by Public Listed companies in managing of their Share Option allocations to employees. The system provides flexibility in accomodating different ESOS bylaws and is in compliant to the required standards of reports and guidelines governed by statutory bodies like KLSE and MCD.

Malaysia ESOS system Employee Share Option Scheme Malaysia ESOS system Employee Share Option Scheme

Some key features of the module includes:

  • User definable codes for Security Firm Agent, Investor Type, Staff Category, Schemes, Stock Code, Stock Type, etc.
  • Ability to define Multiple ESOS Scheme and Offers
  • Scriptable Entitlement and Exercising Rules Generation – supports most ESOS bye-laws
  • Provide simulation of ESOS offer based on defined bye laws rules
  • Maintains complete tracking of offer, acceptance, exercising & forfeiture transactions
  • Unlimited no. of years of transaction history maintenance capability
  • Prints letter of offer, option certificate form and letter of offer acceptance
  • Provides comprehensive analysis and operation balance tracking reports
  • Maintains multiple companies database
  • Provides disk export for share exercising transactions
  • Allows Adjustment to the Offer Price and Balance due to Bonus Issues, Share Capital Adjustments
  • Support Selling Flexibility model
  • Printing of ESOS offer letter online via ESS
  • Submit ESOS exercise application online
  • Viewing of ESOS offers details and balance online

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