Process Tracker with Scheduler

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Task Scheduler

KaiZenHR Enterprise Task Scheduler works in conjunction with Windows NT Task Scheduler in support of the setting up of user definable and configurable background tasks.

The background can be configured in accordance to user definable parameters as to the criteria, date and time, etc., on any information maintained within the entire KaiZenHR Enterprise database, and will activate automatically upon those parameters is being met.

This serves as an excellent automation tool for the HR users in their day-to-day run of operation.

Process Tracker

KaiZenHR Enterprise Process Tracker provides an avenue of being an excellent task list monitoring and management tool for the HR department.

Task and/or check list can be setup in accordance to operation procedure needs, such as Resignation process, New Joiner process, etc., catering to combination of tasks that is system based and manual operation based.

Besides being an excellent tool for process monitoring and management, it also provides an excellent avenue of acting as a straightforward operating procedure for new user to the operation as it serves as a checklist to be done for each instance of operation of the HR department.

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