Time & Attendance Management System

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KaiZenHR Enterprise Time Management System Module provides full functionality for management of time information in your organisation, including time collection, evaluation of time and capturing of absenteeism data. It also streamlines time all your day to day scheduling activities as well as automatically identify employees on leave, calculation of overtime and shift premiums.

Time & Attendance Management System HR Software Solution

The entire time evaluation process utilises business logic and rule based formula to support the unique requirements of any organisation in any industry. It can significantly improve the efficiency of your business by eliminating unneeded effort and simplifying routine, yet powerful enough to customize the time sheet for different groups of employees.

Time & Attendance Management System HR Software Solution Accurate and timely collection of data is an integral part of time management. It provides the flexibility to use existing time collection devices (Bar Code, Magnetic Stripe, Proximity Readers, Smart Cards, Fingerprint Scans etc) to capture employee clocking data and easily transfer the data to KaiZenHR Enterprise Time Management Module for processing.

Some key features of the module includes:

  • Administering of multiple Shift Schedules (working hours) for different groups of employees. A special day can be defined to cater for 5. days working week pattern.
  • Defining the break time hours applicable for each shift schedule.
  • Assignment of work schedule to employees either by Work Group or Individual assignment
  • Generation of rotating Work Schedules / Rosters with a user defined pattern cycle
  • Defining and managing multiple off days, rest day and holiday calendars e.g. common holidays and regional holidays (based on the states holiday). A generation process can be used to generate the schedule based on a period (yearly, monthly etc.)
  • Provide linkage to Leave Module to identify employees on leave days taken 
  • Tracking and reporting on absenteeism, late, early leavers records
  • Computation of regular pay, overtime and shift differential based on planned working time, actual time recorded, your business rules and regulatory requirements
  • Two methods of overtime approval i.e. pre-approved and/or post-approved. Pre-approved overtime will allow any overtime performed to be automatically paid based on a pre-set schedule. Post approval overtime will require supervisors verification on the hours to be paid based on actual hours performed.
  • Time Post Approval allows online verification of attendance and hours worked for a period.
  • Scriptable Daily Incentives computation based on the working hours e.g. OT Meal Allowance, Disturbance Allowance etc.
  • Provides information about the level of workforce availability to support strategic staffing needs
  • Managing and administering clockings for various groups of people (Employees, Contractors, Visitors) with tracking of card issuance, visitor’s & contractor’s details.
  • Providing flexibility in assigning of Temporary Cards to Employees for loss of card, misplaced card etc. to ensure uninterrupted clocking activities.
  • Full maintenance of Card Transactions (eg. Cancellation, Issuance etc)
  • Badge Number can either be system generated or user defined (for external card).
  • Ensuring Integrity and Validity of Uploaded Data for Processing according to Business Rules
  • Allowing flexibility of Data Reloading and Reprocessing. This is very important as there are bound to be instances where data uploaded are not complete due to mechanical (time clock devices) failures, network problems etc. Most of the systems in the market do not provide this flexibility and you would be required to perform a backup and restore routine, which could be messy if your transactions are huge.
  • Generating wealth of comprehensive Time Management Analysis Reports such as Employee Time Sheet, Late Attendance Listing, Absentism Report, Incomplete Clockings, Overtime Analysis, Early Goer Listing, Badge Assignment Reports etc.
  • Pre-approved OT application online, ability to view attendance records online by employees and supervisors.
  • Roster assgignment online with flexibility to update shift on ad-hoc basis.
  • Online time post approval for supervisor to validate attendance data including work hours and OT hours for salary processing.

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