Training Needs Analysis

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Training_needKaiZenHR Enterprise Training Needs Analysis supports competency based training where the gap between employee and job competencies are identified and linked to appropriate courses. Depending on the demand, these courses will be scheduled and employees automatically enrolled. HR has the flexibility to override the process of preparing the course calendar and enrolment while employees can change the course and date of enrolment.

Some key features of the module includes:

  • Ability to define the Compulsory Courses for a person
  • Identifying the courses which is suitable for the employee based on the GAP analysis
  • Matching of Courses to the Competency Gaps of the Employees based on the Job Needed Level and Course Achieved Level
  • Ability to Waive a person from attending a course due to special reasons
  • Maintaining a Training Course Mock-Up Schedule
  • Auto-Nomination of employee to courses based on the availability of the course scheduled by the Mock-Up Schedule
  • Providing analysis on the estimated cost of training based on the generated plan
  • Ability to allow user to indicate the dates for the person to attend a course planned for him
  • Validation of the indicated date against the Proposed Training Dates
  • Generation of the actual Training Course Schedule (Training Calendar)
  • Generation fo the actual Person Course Schedule (Staff Training Plan)

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