Training Administration

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training_1Development of Human Resource is noted as one of the Key Factors in bringing Malaysia towards achieving its objective as an industrialized nation. People with the Right Knowledge, Skills and Competencies are the Core Asset of any organisation. Properly nurtured and guided, they can bring the organisation to compete internationally.

Companies can stay in the forefront of industry by motivating and preparing their employees for the challenges ahead through training. Tracking who and when to conduct training is important in a fast-paced global market in order to keep their employees up to date in the technologies, regulations, and procedures.


Some key features of the module includes:

  • Managing a database of all Courses (internal / external)
  • Administration of all Courses undertaken by Employees. Information captured including Course Type, Course Name, Duration, Institution, Instructor, Venue, Number of Days, Course Fee, etc.
  • Linkage to Competencies being addressed by the course for the purpose of TNA.
  • Maintaining the profiles of Training Organizers, Providers and Trainers
  • Maintaining the Training Course Schedule (Training Calendar) for the courses to be conducted.
  • Maintaining of a complete yearly training development plan for employee using the Person Training Schedule.
  • User defined Budget Grouping and flexible budgeting period. Also provides per head budgeting by Grade.
  • Monitoring of budget by the Budget vs Actual costing report and Budget Variance report
  • Maintaining Training Event information including Training Sessions, Trainers for each session etc.
  • Maintaining Participant records : Status (Pending, Confirm, Waiting List), Expenses
  • Attendance Marking for each training session
  • Ability to capture all other Cost associated with the training, besides the Course Fee eg. refreshment, travelling, accommodation etc
  • Analysis on the training amount invested, for each employee, by department or cost centre.
  • Ability to identify courses that the employee had atteded throughout his/her career or to identify who are the people who had attended a particular course
  • Option of either using Manual or Auto Rescheduling function
  • Creation of user define Survey Form & Type
  • Ability to user define and conduct multiple Training Event Exercise eg. Pre-Event Test, Post-Event Test, Course Evaluation, Multiple Trainer Evaluation etc.
  • Computation of Learning Gain Ratio and Course Evaluation Result Summary
  • Providing analysis on total cost of training by Department / Organisation
  • Conducting Annual Survey Test to evaluate the effectiveness of your full years training programme
  • Training & Development Survey Exercise
  • Publication of training events online with registration / nomination option
  • Training survey form available online for participants to fill in upon completion of training event
  • Viewing of training history and training courses databank via ESS

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