Job Competency Management

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Job_1KaiZenHR Enterprise Job Competency Management exceeds the skill tracking functionality you’ll find in most local HRMS. It enables the company to define the enterprise’s jobs in terms of key competencies, and perform real-time gap analyses between your employee and their jobs. Eventually, management can plan the employees’ careers and their future growth based on the company’s competency requirements for growth and competitive advantage.


Some key features of the module includes:

  • Ability to user defined up to 10,000 Competency Category and Competencies
  • Grouping of Competencies needed for a job into Competencies Set
  • Ability to assign Person Specific Competency
  • Managing of Job Description and Job Specification Details
  • Recording and Identifying of Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Competencies (KSAOC) required to fulfill a Job Position
  • Providing a Framework for Traninig Needs Analysis, Project Assignments and Succession Planning
  • Ability to perform selection of Employees with specific Skill Sets, Knowledge or Ability
  • Performing Competency Review Exercise and managing of performance
  • Supports Multiple Reviewer with different weightage
  • Attachment of Job Requirement Ratings on Skill Attributes
  • Administration of Employee Skill Attribute Ratings
  • Analysis of GAP Ratio between Job Requirement and Employee Satisfaction Ratings
  • Competency review can be done online with routing process to route the assessment form from employee to manager or vice versa.

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