Employee Stock Purchase Plan

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Employee Stock Purchase PlanThe KaiZenHR Enterprise Employee Stock Purchase Plan system provides the abilities to manage the staff purchases of stocks from either the local or oversea bourses.

Staff can elect to purchase a quantity of stock based on the eligibility and deductions to be made from the salary for a specified period.

Some key features of the module includes:

  • Ability to define Multiple ESPP Scheme and Offers
  • Supports Multiple Exchange Rates for Other Countries Stock Purchase
  • Monthly Conversion of foreign currency rate to local rate for the salary deduction
  • Maintains complete tracking of payment (either through salary deductions or over the counter) transactions
  • Unlimited no. of years of transaction history maintenance capability
  • Maintain Up-To-Date balances of the payment
  • Maintaining of Cancellation or Transfer of the stock purchase
  • Integration with Payroll Module for the salary deduction
  • Provides comprehensive analysis and operation balance tracking reports
  • Maintains multiple companies database

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