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Malaysia Payroll System

Payroll is probably one of the most important functional modules in Human Capital Management System. The need to pay employees accurately and on-time is of utmost important. Apart from getting the correct data for processing, payroll administration is constantly faced with the ever changing requirements to compensate employees.

Malaysia Payroll System HR Software

Malaysia Payroll System

KaiZenHR Enterprise Payroll Management Module is a fully integrated module that permits data to be collated from source; thus, ensuring correct payments for employees. Our strength lies in its ability to allow users to easily map their business logics and policies into the system. This will enable the customer to scale and grow their application as per their business requirements.

Some key features of the module Malaysia Payroll System includes:-

  • Flexibility in defining more than 10,000 Payroll Attributes for Allowances, Deductions, Overtime, Banks etc.
  • Ability to allow user to define scriptable formulas to be used in the computation of Salary, Leave Payback, Unpaid Leave, Overtime, etc.
  • Possibly the ONLY System that allows you to define the number (up to 99 times) of Salary Runs per month.
  • Ability to split the data entry process by components of Payroll Attributes. This ideal for organizations having thousands of employees as well as organizations who practices Extreme Security Administration where even the users are not supposed to know the salaries of employees.
  • Tracking and maintaining past Benefit / Allowance / Deduction / Overtime Rates used and compare with current rate to determine the changes in policies through the years.
  • Providing Management / Finance Department with a Monthly Salary and Wages Reconciliation with Summary and/or Detail Transaction Listing.
  • Ability to interface with external Accounting System – SAP, JD Edwards, Sun Accounting, CODA, IFS, BaaN, Acctrak etc.
  • Accounting processes supported – GL Journal Voucher Generation, Bonus Provision, Leave Pay Accruals.
  • Bank Auto Credit Exporting – supports Maybank, RHB Bank, Bank Of Commerce, Bank Simpanan Nasional, Public Bank etc.
  • Other External Exporting – HSBC Trust Fund, ASN Deduction, Zakat Deduction.
  • Ability to allow OPEN Payroll Periods where entries can be done for subsequent Months without closing the Current Period.
  • Provides a wealth of more than 150 comprehensive reports to choose from with the feature to display the report on preview.
  • Ability to output the report to a file eg. Excel, Lotus, ASCII etc.
  • Full compliance with the Statutory Requirements on EPF, SOCSO and TAXATION with the latest update on Table Rates.
  • Maintaining a EPF Voluntary Excess Table on contributions exceeding the standard Rate of 11 % and 12 %. The allocation / entitlement of additional percentage (%) can be effected automatically by grade and years of service of the employee.
  • Ability to handle Simulation Runs of Increment and Bonus for submission to Management for approval prior to actual payout.
  • Scriptable monthly Perfect Attendance calculation process.
  • Printing of all Statutory Reports including EPF Borang A, SOCSO 8A, CP 39 Tax Submission, EA Form, CP8D etc.
  • Provides an integration to other KaiZenHR Enterprise Modules eg. Time Management Module, Leave Module, Claims Module, Fringe Withholding Module, ESPP Module, Medical Benefits, Benefit-In-Kind from Loan Subsidy & Leave Passage modules.
  • Self service to include e-EA, e-Payslip, e-PCB II and payroll summary for all years.
  • OT application by employees with approval process online.
  • Support backpay arrears for any period of time
  • Automatic calculation of arrears for direct changes such as salary amount and allowance rate
  • Automatic calcution of arrears for indirect changes such as Overtime which can be affected by salary changes
  • Computation of arrears is calculated for every month of payment made
  • System produce backpay statement for every month and every item the arrears is calculated for
  • Support simulation of backpay for the purpose of management decision and impact budgeting

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