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Leave Management Malaysia Payroll System Software HR solutionManaging employee leave is becoming one of the telling differences between enterprises to cut cost and increase productivity.

KaiZenHR Enterprise Leave Management module will perform the varying leave accruals according to years of service and grade as well as allows you to maintain and track employee leave, both historical and current, so that you can better monitor both individual productivity and cost due to direct or indirect leave payouts.

Leave Management Malaysia Payroll System Software HR solution

Some key features of the module includes:

  • Ability to user define all type of Leave (Annual, Meeting, Conference, Seminar, Study, Maternity, Compassionate, Unpaid, Paternity, Sick, Research, Sabbatical, Half Pay, etc.,
  • Automatically handles earmarking of Leave upon application to effect accuracy in the transations
  • Employee entitlement based on assignment of Leave Grouping for easier administration.
  • Tracking of Leave Balances (for various type of Leave) for each Employee
  • Scriptable Leave Entitlement Computation – user defined criteria to be used for calculation of the entitlement
  • Ability to Carry Forward any Leave Balance at the End of Year, subject to the organisations policy and procedures. Leave to be Carried Forward can also be capped to a maximum number of days.
  • Automatic Brought Forward Balance forfeiture or expiry.
  • Ability to Accumulate Leave Balance for a specified number of years for the purpose of Pilgrimage / Overseas trip. Accumulation of leave can be tracked up to 6 years.
  • Ability to Cancel / Revert any Pending Leave Application
  • Mass Leave Transaction Generation & Approval – minimize data entry and/or maintenance of leave transactions.
  • Ability to do manual Leave Balance Adjustment at any point of time eg. Additional crediting of Replacement Leave
  • Allow Entitlement Adjustment due to regrading (promotion, transfer) during leave period
  • Provides linkage to Time Management System for identifying employees on Leave
  • Provides linkage to Payroll System for the deduction of Unpaid Leave and Pay In Lieu
  • Generation of Leave Balance Report for encashment at Retirement
  • Online leave application, leave balance and transactions viewing.
  • Leave approval online with ability to view employees activity map for employee present headcount / percentage.

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