Recruitment Management

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Attracting the right candidates for a particular vacant position is a difficult task and screening them is even more arduous activity. KaiZenHR Enterprise makes it easy.

KaiZenHR Enterprise Recruitment Management functions enhance and automate all your recruiting tasks, from manager submitting job requisitions to HR department making employment offers and hiring applicants. This high automated process includes screening and short listing candidates based on their personal and employment profile against those of the vacant position.

Recruitment Management Human Resource Management System Malaysia Recruitment Management Human Resource Management System Malaysia

Some key features of the modules includes:

  • Tracking of Requisition by Department Heads for vacancies. This information includes the number of vacant positions, the expected required period, the budget amount per position, etc.
  • Tracking of all Candidate’s information including but not limited to their Personal details.
  • Providing Statistics on all Job Applicants in terms of Race, Sex, Position etc.
  • All successful Applicants are transferred to the Employee Database and a Staff ID being assigned to it. Unsuccessful Applicants can be managed separately on a KIV File.
  • Standard Letters (Appointment, Rejection, etc) can be generated from the System.
  • Ability to assist in shortlisting exercise from all applications based on set of criteria eg. qualifications, experience, skills etc.
  • Managing Recruitment for different type of employees ie. Temporary, Contractual, Permanent, etc.
  • Tracking of all Recruitment Cost eg. advertisement, stationaries, etc.
  • Analysing the Recruitment Cost per Position Intake as well as the efficiency of various recruitment mediums eg. newspaper, agency, internet etc.
  • Integration with external recruitment database such as for candidates information

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