Personnel Management

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Personnel information is the core of HCMS. It is the only module that integrates with all other modules. Therefore, it is imperative to keep the information correct and current at all times.

One of the features of KaiZenHR Enterprise that differentiate us from most of our competitors is the ability to keep historical information. The effective-date design of the KaiZenHR Enterprise system gives you a complete view of all your employee history and business rules; thus, enabling you to analyze and process employee information and all other related transactions on a date and time basis.


Some key features of the module includes:

  • Maintaining Personal Information including :
    • Personal Information eg. Name, Address, IC Number (Old / New),
    • Email Address, Telephone, Sex, Date of Birth, Marital Status, Nationality, Race, etc.
  • Maintaining of comprehensive Employee Information comprising :
    • Work Related / Employment Information eg. Position, Grade,
    • Department, Section, Employment Type, Report To, etc.
    • Complete Date Information eg. Date Joined, Date Confirmed, Date Resigned, Contract Due Date, Visa Expiry Date etc.
    • Salary Related Information eg. Basic Salary, EPF Contribution %,
    • SOCSO Scheme, Voluntary Excess %, TAX Category, Pension
    • Contribution, Wage Type etc.
    • Storing of Employee Photo
    • Spouse Name and IC Number
    • Spouse Working Information including Place of Work
    • Old and New IC Number
    • Managing Record for Multiple Spouse
  • Managing Family and Next of Kin Information including :
    • Name of Member
    • Type of Relationship (eg. Son, Daughter, Father, Mother, etc)
  • Date of Birth
  • Attaching of ongoing Notes to the Employee. Such Notes will be stored as transactions within the System and can be reviewed throughout the Employee’s Service Period. It also captures the Date on which the Notes are documented. For some companies, these Notes comes in handy during the Appraisal / Review Period.
  • Managing of all Reference Numbers eg. ASN, ASB, LUTH, EPF, SOCSO, TAX, etc. These References are used during the printing of related Statutory / Contribution reports. KaiZenHR Enterprise allows you total flexibility in defining different type of References.
  • Managing and administration of all Academic and Professional Qualification details.
  • Recording the Previous Employment details of the person.
  • Tracking of Documents issued with expiry dates to employees eg. Contracts, Work Permit, Bond.
  • Managing all all Assets provided to Employees eg. Handphone, Uniforms, Shoes, etc. Value of the Asset is also maintained.
  • Managing of Employees involving in Projects and tracking of Project Progress.
  • Managing and administration of Employee Award Informations eg. Best Lecturer for 1999, Employee of the Year etc.
  • Managing Employee Service History Records eg. Promotions, Increment, Transfer etc. All Service Records are kept and stored within the System for unlimited period (unless it is purged off).
  • Administering of all Medical Checkups undertaken by Employees
  • Ability to analyse on individual type of Service Movement eg. how many times has the Employee been given Increment and what is the amount / when was the last Increment Effected.
  • Utilising the Service Record (eg. Years of Service / Grading) as a platform for Benefits and Compensation Management Programme.
  • Ability to track Commencement Date and highlighting of Due Dates for Confirmation, Salary Increments, Gratuity, Retirement etc.
  • Personal information viewing and update via ESS with approval process.

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