Performance Review Management

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Performance Review Management HR Management Software MalaysiaThrough the use of KaiZenHR ENteprise Performance Review Management, an organisation’s progress relies on the linking of individual performance with that of the organisation. The system provides for the ability to promote performance goals and measures that grow out of the enterprise, division or department’s business plans, the ability to align an employee’s performance measures with that of the organisation.

Performance Review Management HR Management Software Malaysia

Some key features of the module includes:

  • Appraisal Forms can be user defined. Multiple Appraisal Forms can exist within an organisation. An Appraisal Form can consist of various Sections and each Section can contain many Question Items.
  • Computation of scores is done on Weightage Method. Each Section can carry different Weightage (user defined). The rating for each Question Item can also be user customised.
  • Supports Appraisal based on generic, competency or by Key Result Areas
  • Flexibility in performing multiple Appraisal Exercises within the same year. Appraisal Exercises can be conducted by Project, Quarterly Review etc.
  • Ability to conduct ad-hoc review at any time of the year.
  • Allows distribution and consolidation of Appraisal Scores across multiple Appraisal Exercises done.
  • Ability to conduct Appraisal Exercise online realtime
  • Supports 360 degree Appraisal : Review can be done by Superiors / Peers / Self
  • Setting a basis for Performance Assessment for purpose of Increment / Bonus
  • Multiple simulation can be run based on different rewarding scheme.
  • Comparison of impact to the organization based on the results of the different rewarding schemes.
  • Integration to Payroll for posting of Actual Bonus / Increment
  • Ability to review history of all past Appraisal Exercises done for an Employee

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