Manpower Budgeting

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Manpower Budgeting Human Resource Management System (HR Software Solution )KaiZenHR Enterprise Manpower Budgeting allows budgeting of headcount and automatically tracks the utilization based on the actual movement of the employees which may be updated via various sources.

Some key features of the module includes:

  • Reporting and analysis of Actual Manpower of a Department or across the Company
  • Ability to generate Manpower Requirement Analysis by Department as well as for each individual Position. In addition, the System is able to schedule the planning of intake by implementing a Manpower Intake Position Calendar.
  • Identifying Employees who are due for Retirement (according to their Age) so that Manpower Planning can be effected to ensure Replacement of these Employees Generating Manpower Analysis Reports such as Staff Turnover Analysis, Staff Length of Service Analysis, Absenteeism Rate, Vacancy List, Manpower GAP Analysis etc.
  • Managing Total Cost of Recruitment for a Position including all media and staff cost. It also generates analysis on Average Cost by Position and Departmental Salary.
  • Provides a linkage to KaiZenHR Enterprise Personnel Module for accessing the Staff Record as well as for the updating of New Recruitment Record
  • Ability to generate Manpower Analysis in Graphical Representations (Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Line Chart etc.)

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